Welcome to The Brain Treatment Center of San Jose

We use highly targeted TMS. Our process starts with a state of the art brainwave analysis, which isolates specific areas of the brain that are not fully functioning or communicating as they should.

Based on this, we develop an individualized, targeted approach aimed at regenerating function and restoring communication using non-invasive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) focused on the areas that need help.

With this technology,
we have witnessed some astonishing results.

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What Makes MeRT Treatments Unique

Our Treatment starts with thorough testing and evaluation to isolate exact areas of an individual's brain that are not communicating the way they should. These specific regions of the brain are then nurtured to improve communication and functionality.

Conditions We Treat

Our Doctor

Dr. Geraci of Summit Brain Health San Jose
Thomas Geraci, D.O. is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician. As he learned from his father, who was a surgeon, taking care of people is about so much more than just repairing an injury. It’s about healing wounds, many of which are not visible to the naked eye. With this comes bringing calm to the fear and chaos that often surrounds illness and trauma.

His passion behind providing MeRT lies in his experience with patients and family members who have struggled with mental health issues and sought treatment without relief. After practicing emergency medicine for 33 years, his goal is now to offer concrete solutions to a wide range of mental health conditions in a compassionate and sensitive way.

Dr Geraci has witnessed the incredible results possible through MeRT treatment and approaches every day as an opportunity for a new miracle in the lives of his patients.

Thomas has the summited mountains he thought he might not be able to. He hopes to offer his patients the opportunity to receive the mental health care they thought might never come. It is his hope that after MeRT his patients will experience the view down the other side of their own summit.